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Urgent Eye Care, Eye Infections and Medically Necessary Treatment

Need eye help in Alberta in a hurry? This page has the details you need.

Infant Eye Care

All the information you need to take care of baby’s eyes the right way.

Toddlers and Preschoolers Eye Care

Learn more about children’s eyes that are in the development stage.

Kindergarten Eye See…Eye Learn™ Program

Do you live in Alberta and have a kindergarten child? Find out about free glasses and more.

Children and Youth Eye Care

As a parent, you probably won’t know if your child has a vision problem. But your optometrist will.

Adults Eye Care

In our adult years, our eyes continue to change and shouldn’t be ignored.

Seniors Eye Care

Alberta seniors, don’t let undetected eye issues impact your quality of life.

Family Eye Care

Get the details you need to book eye appointments for you and your family.

Eye Health and Vision Care

Learn more about your eye exam, sight tests, sun protection and more.

Vision and Electronic Devices

Learn more about digital eye strain and the risk of myopia.

Vision Correction

Get the facts about glasses, contact lenses, computer glasses and vision surgery.

Eye Health Library

Details about lazy eye, cataracts, pink eye, diabetes, glaucoma, myopia, presbyopia and much more.

Eye Healthy Recipes

It’s time to start eating eye healthy, and we have the recipes to prove it.

Coverage for Vision Care

Find out more about Alberta Health Care coverage for eye exams, plus urgent eye care.

Alberta Driver’s Licence Vision Requirements

What are the driver’s licence vision requirements in Alberta? Get the details here.

Meet Your Optometrist

Skilled professionals who can diagnose, treat, prescribe medications, and refer to a specialist.

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