Eye See…Eye Learn™ for Kindergarten Teachers

It’s dedicated kindergarten teachers like you who help make the Eye See…Eye Learn™ program a success.

Thank you! Eye See...Eye Learn™ would not be possible without the involvement of dedicated kindergarten teachers like you. We are thrilled that this program has the support of every public, separate and francophone school division in Alberta.

Vision issues can block a child’s learning success

As teachers, you know how important vision is to a child’s learning process and overall development. If students are lacking visual skills or have impaired vision, they need to work harder to keep up with the other children. That can lead to fatigue, frustration, and short attention spans. Most children don’t realize something is wrong, because they assume the way they see the world is normal.

Help us detect eye health and vision problems in kindergarten students

That’s why Eye See…Eye Learn™ is so important. The earlier we can catch eye health and vision problems, the better. Every fall, we rely on you to send parent packages home with each of your students. The package contains basic information about the program, and encourages parents to book an eye exam for their child.

Have an optometrist visit your classroom

Along with providing parent packages in the fall, you can also bring Eye See…Eye Learn™ to life in your classroom! Introduce your students to Fribbit™, request an optometrist visit your classroom and get them thinking about the way they see the world. It may help you identify problems that you didn’t know your students were having.

Please take a look at the materials, and feel free to print and use anything that you find useful.

Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Contact us for more information about Eye See…Eye Learn™ and children’s vision and eye health at [email protected].

Eyewear Partners

The Alberta Association of Optometrists gratefully acknowledges funding support from the Government of Alberta.