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2023 HR 201 Virtual Series

Diversity & Inclusion
April 17, 7-8:30PM
Creating an inclusive workplace involves minimizing systemic barriers.  In this session, you will learn how to clear any hidden barriers to hiring “diverse employees” through new processes and tools.
Session Objectives:
1. What is Diversity & Inclusion?
2. Assess working conditions/environments to broaden opportunities – accommodate different workers that add value
3. Select different hiring tools that determine best “fit” for applicable jobs
Managing Mental Health
May 1, 7-8:30PM
In this session, we will learn strategies to navigate Mental Health post-pandemic, including how to identify stress responses and recognize symptoms of burnout. 
Session Objectives:
1. What is Mental Health?
2. Understand Stress Responses
         • Decrease harm from Stress Responses
         • Zones of Regulations
3. What is Burnout?
         • Burnout Profile
4. What Can We Do?
         • How to initiate a conversation (using ALPS) 

Motivation at Work
May 15, 7-8:30PM
In today’s working environment, it is more important than ever to be able to assess your employee’s motivation (vs. ability) while also applying different techniques that reward and recognize team members….you will receive some great motivation takeaways from this session!
Session Objectives:
1. Assess employee motivation vs. ability on tasks/assignments
        • Walk through a motivation assessment tool
2. Apply different techniques that effectively reward and recognize team members
        • Use 5 strategies that provide both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards

Respect in the Workplace

May 29, 7-8:30PM
It is difficult to know exactly what is considered acceptable behaviour in the workplace these days, especially when there has been a history of power imbalances and emerging diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.  Please join us to learn more about the spectrum of respect and when behaviours begin to “cross the line” into disrespectful and potentially harassing behaviours.
Session Objectives:
1. Explore the Spectrum of Respect
2. How does Incivility impact Respect in the Workplace (RITW)?
3. Identify harassment and bullying and their negative workplace effects
4. What to do if you experience disrespect
5. Discuss impact, roles and responsibilities of bystanders

Effective Communication Techniques & Tips
June 12, 7-8:30PM
With an increased focus on communication and collaboration, it is more important today now than ever to maintain a productive team and support employee motivation through effective communication, while ensuring the goals of the clinic are met.  

Session Objectives:
1. Understand and apply effective communication processes and practices 
2. Discuss common communication barriers and behaviours of effective communication
3. Learn about collaboration tips and techniques to improve team performance
**Please note that you must be an active AAO member to attend and that registration is limited.

Each session will be Category 2  self-enter hrs/credits  (1hr = 1 credit), as brought forward by the ACO

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Annual Conference & Optifair

Conference - October 26, 27, 28
Optifair - October 27
Conference & Optifair Venue - Calgary Telus Convention Centre, 136 8th Avenue
Host Hotel - Calgary Marriott Downtown,110 9th Avenue

Join your colleagues at Alberta's leading continued education and networking event! 

Registration to Open in Spring!

Industry Events


When: Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 5:30 pm MST
Speakers: Dr. Mark Eltis, OD, President, College of Optometrists of Ontario, Dr. Anne Ellis, MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Immunology & Allergy in Kingston, ON, Dr. Louis Racine, MD, FRCSC Ophthalmologist in Montreal, QC (Cornea) & Dr. David Yan, MD, FRCSC Ophthalmologist in Torono, ON (Glaucoma)
Where: Online Webinar. A confirmation of your participation will be sent via email prior to the event & will include log-in and technical details.
Register: Register online by clicking this link 2023 Bausch Webinars (eventstream.ca)
*Qualifies for 3 Category 1 credits and is COPE accredited

Maritime Continuing Education (MCE) 2023

April 27-30, 2023
Rodd Charlottetown Hotel
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CAO Congress 2023

July 6-9, 2023
Quebec City
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