Affiliate Members

There are two types of affiliation to the AAO, Out of Province Affiliate and Retired Affiliate.  All AAO Affiliates may attend AAO functions and events at the same cost as a member, however Affiliates may not vote or hold office.  Access to the AAO website is limited. Affiliates will receive all appropriate AAO correspondence and information. 

Out of Province Affiliate

Upon application, an optometrist practicing in another jurisdiction, where they maintain active membership in their respective Association, may apply for an Affiliate Membership with the AAO. The annual fee for an out-of-province Canadian citizen is $105 and $100 for USA citizens.

An Out of Province Affiliate is eligible to attend AAO functions and events at the member fee, but they may not vote or hold office.  They receive any appropriate AAO correspondence and information.

Retired Affiliate

When a registered optometrist retires from the practice of optometry in Alberta, they are automatically registered as a Retired Affiliate of the AAO.  There is no charge for application or annual registration fees for this membership status.  Retired Affiliates receive appropriate AAO mailings and are invited to the Annual General Meetings. Retired Affiliates must be non-practicing.

For additional information, please contact the Member Services Coordinator at: [email protected]