Part-time Membership

  A licensed optometrist practicing in Alberta who holds valid membership with the Alberta College of Optometrists may apply for Part-time Membership by agreeing to restrict their practice to a maximum of 75 working days in the year in any jurisdiction. The applicant must pay all relevant professional dues, fees and levies and agree to uphold the bylaws of the AAO, and sign a declaration.
The AAO professional dues for Part-time Members are as follows:
Less than 25 years in practice in Alberta = 50% of AAO/CAO dues and levies
More than 25 years in practice in Alberta = 33% of AAO/CAO applicable dues and 50% of AAO/CAO applicable levies
Note: a working day is defined as any optometric activity in any given day for any period time (e.g. 75 half days would constitute 75 working days).

Benefits include (a full benefits guide will be provided with membership):
A voice in legislative affairs
A listing on the patient Find an Optometrist tool on the AAO webpage
Patient information materials and aids
Public promotional campaigns, materials and equipment loans
Member discounts for personal and professional services
Regional meetings and workshops
Continuing education opportunities, in-person and online
AAO annual general meeting and conference
Monthly newsletters that provide current and trending practice and optometry news
AAO vision care programs (Eye See. . .Eye Learn™ and Eyesafe™)
Online resources
Membership with the Canadian Association of Optometrists

For additional information, please contact our Member Services Coordinator at: [email protected]