The Future of Optometry: It’s not what it used to be

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a part of the healthcare landscape. This session will examine the opportunities and challenges faced in implementing AI solutions in optometry. It will explore the impact of AI on current practices in eye care and look ahead to the likely impact AI will have in improving diagnostics, personalizing treatments, and improving practice management.

*Approved for CE credits by the Alberta College of Optometrists. The AAO will provide a list of attendees to the College who will enter your credits in ARBO.

Meet Your Presenter

Tom Lawry is a leading AI transformation advisor to health and medical leaders around the world, a top keynote speaker, and the best-selling author of Hacking Healthcare – How AI and the Intelligent Health Revolution Will Reboot an Ailing System.

He’s the Managing Director of Second Century Tech and a former Microsoft exec who served as National Director for AI for Health and Life Sciences, Director of Worldwide Health, and Director of Organizational Performance for the company’s first health incubator. Prior to Microsoft, Tom was a Senior Director at GE Healthcare, the founder of two venture-backed healthcare software companies, a health system executive, and board member.

Tom’s work and views have been featured in Forbes, CEO Magazine, Harvard Business Review, CNET, Inside Precision Medicine, and numerous webcasts and podcasts.

In a Harris Poll of 2023 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference attendees, Tom was named one of the most recognized leaders driving change and engagement in healthcare today. He has also been named one of the Top 20 AI Voices to Watch.

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4/16/2024 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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